At Leisure: How Our Hobbies Set us Free - Y TREE At Leisure: How Our Hobbies Set us Free - Y TREE
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At Leisure: How Our Hobbies Set us Free

Podcast | 37 Min | 14 March, 2023

The literal translation of amateur is ‘lover of’ so why is it a word so often steeped in derogatory overtones? Why, when we’re asked for our hobbies, are we inclined to diminish their status in our lives?

Our hobbies make us human. From pottery, to geo-guessing; orienteering to stamp collecting; it is in these small, often quiet, building blocks of life that we so often find true meaning and connection.

In this episode, Kamal Ahmed is joined by the editor of Prospect Magazine, and amateur pianist Alan Rusbridger; Senior Partner at Slaughter and May and composer Steve Cooke; comedian, writer and Adult Fan of LEGO Emma Kennedy; and, ex-property developer turned golfer extraordinaire Mark Gershinson to discuss the joy of part-time pursuits and being an amateur. Join us for a conversation that seeks to reinvigorate the concept of the hobby and renew it with it’s true meaning: hobbies, from the run of the mill to the absurd, are about our passions; they are about self-discovery; and about building a life that fulfils us and provides contentment.

Whether you’re a relentless hobbyist or have been prevaricating about booking that first violin lesson, this episode is for you: remember, it’s never too late to start.