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PODCAST  |  33 min  |  5 April 2023


Married couples often comprise a CFO spouse and a non-CFO spouse. That’s how the wealth management industry has historically approached things: one partner, more often than not, the man, is responsible for the family’s finances; the other, more often than not, the woman, is sidelined. As a result, women have traditionally felt unwelcome in the wealth management space.

In this episode, Y TREE’s Head of Brand and Marketing Harriet Johnston and Head of Financial Life Strategy Eliana Sydes are joined by author Otegha Uwagba and Board Member at the Cherie Blair Foundation Caroline Edwards to discuss how and why women have so often been excluded from conversations about money and wealth; the impact of the gender pay and pensions gap on women’s financial futures; the role traditional financial institutions have played in marginalising women’s voices and experiences; and what can be done to address these issues.

How can we all combat the institutional biases that so often leave women worse off? What can we do to ensure that women have a guaranteed seat at the table in important financial conversations? How can we challenge engrained familial roles? Join us for a uniquely female perspective on money and life.