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PODCAST  |  28min  |  5 May 2023

Money talks, with oliver james and diana chambers

In the UK, more than a third of us struggle to talk to anyone about money, with one in ten not even willing to discuss finances with their partner. Yet, opening up conversations about money, learning the tools and techniques for making these conversations productive, and understanding the pressure points around an individual’s financial situation can be totally life-changing. Wealth gaps between families; financial issues between couples; young people with large inheritances; sudden lifestyle changes; these are just some of the situations in which being able to successfully navigate conversations about money is key to happy and healthy relationships, with each other, and with our finances.

In this episode, Y TREE’s CEO Stuart Cash and Head of Brand and Marketing Harriet Johnston are joined by Oliver James, psychologist and author of “Affluenza” and The Family Wealth Mentor, Diana Chambers, who is committed to helping her clients manage their wealth in emotionally intelligent ways to unpick, and shine a light on, some of the thorniest – but so often undiscussed – topics surrounding money.