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About us

Together, we are on a mission to transform our clients’ lives.


Our founders

Stuart Cash, Arik Peretz and Johnnie Hampel.

About us

Together, we are on a mission to transform our clients’ lives.

It’s about time

Everything is changing. The weather, the way we shop, the way we work. It’s about time wealth management changed too.

From our years working in financial services, we discovered that people had no real understanding of their financial lives, what their money was doing for them and why. So, we created a service that gives you the insight to truly understand your whole financial picture, as it is, and as it could be.

We call this knowledge Financial Life Intelligence. Once you have it, you can make choices you didn’t know you had.

We set out to create a company that would transform wealth management. As the journey unfolded, we realised our approach was life changing.

Stuart, Johnnie, Arik

Our values


Time is the most valuable commodity on Earth. You can never get it back so we want to make the most of it. We give our clients back time they never knew they had. We are generous with our time with our clients and our colleagues.


Togetherness is about being part of a community. We are more effective when we consider the diverse experiences and views of our clients, shareholders and colleagues. We learn from each other every day by being candid, fair and respectful.


Will Hooton

Head of Client Advice Will Hooton explains how Y TREE is using cutting-edge technology and human expertise to transform the world of personal finance. Watch full interview.

3 min

Eliana Sydes

Head of Financial Life Strategy Eliana Sydes recounts the story of her career change in the context of one key objective: to connect money with life. Watch full interview.

3 min

Johnnie Hampel

Co-founder Johnnie Hampel reveals how we bring transparency, efficiency and meaning to our clients' financial lives. Watch full interview.

1 min

Our advisers

Our team of expert advisers are your sounding board on the most complex questions about money and life. They are available 24/7 via our encrypted chat.

They design and implement financial life strategies to meet your ambitions and enable you to navigate changes in lifestyle, health, family, business, economies and markets. 

They are bringing money back to life.

Our people make us exceptional

From tech wizards and financial experts to data engineers and creative problem solvers, our diverse and forward-thinking team shares one mission: transforming personal finance into a transparent, efficient and meaningful experience for our clients.


Thomas Mitchell, Head of People & Talent

Thomas looks after our people and culture. He is experienced in building strategies to support high-performance teams. He is pictured here at one of our Futureverse events.

Immersive art gallery experience

The exclusive, pre-opening of London's first permanent immersive art experience, Frameless Galleries, hosted by Y TREE.

Our community

We regularly bring our community of clients, shareholders, colleagues and friends together to discuss and anticipate what the future holds.