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PODCAST  |  45 min  |  10 January 2023


So, you’ve decided you want to begin donating to charity. But how?

In this episode, Kamal Ahmed speaks to Anna Josse, the CEO and Founder of Prism the Gift Fund, a registered charity which administers the giving of significant gifts to charities all over the world, and David Duke MBE, the Founder and CEO of Street Soccer Scotland and Street Soccer London, non-profit social enterprises that use football to help create positive change in the lives of socially disadvantaged adults and young people.

In conversation with Kamal, Anna and David discuss the nuts and bolts of charitable giving from their own unique perspectives. Through her work at Prism, Anna has facilitated the making of millions of pounds of charitable donations around the world, and across sectors, while David founded his own charity on the basis of his own personal experience of homelessness. From how to take advantage of Gift Aid to how to choose between different charities, this is an enlightening conversation guaranteed to demystify this complex space and provide practical advice for anyone seeking to build a philanthropic legacy.