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Stuart Cash

Founder, CEO

Stuart is a pioneer of businesses delivering complex strategic financial advice. He spent 22 years advising multinational companies and pension funds on corporate finance, investment strategy and risk management. Stuart started his career as a lawyer at Berwin Leighton, moved into corporate finance advice with S.G. Warburg, and led a number of businesses in London and New York while he was a Partner at Goldman Sachs. When he is not working away on his laptop, Stuart can be found crooning and jamming on his piano.


The Y TREE value revolution

In October, we invited clients, shareholders and friends to join us for an exclusive pre-opening of London’s first immersive, multi-dimensional art experience, Frameless. Watch full interview.

3 Oct 2022
7 min

"We are talking to a generation of people whose goals have changed – subtly but meaningfully. It’s no longer about the money itself, but more about what it enables us to do: from maximising that most valuable of assets, time, to creating a better world for our children."