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Compliance policy


At Y TREE we endeavour at all times to deliver a professional, accurate and valuable service to all our clients. Part of Y TREE’s commitment to delivering a superior service to its clients is how it deals with expressions of dissatisfaction. Including what constitutes regulated complaints.

While Y TREE takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all client experiences are positive, it accepts that there may arise occasions when they are not.

Complaints handling procedure

1. Making a complaint

Clients may use any reasonable means to make a complaint. This can be orally or in writing. One easy and convenient way to do so is by emailing:

2. Acknowledgement and fact-finding

As soon as we receive your complaint, we will acknowledge it as a complaint. The matter will be referred to our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Compliance Officer (CCO) without unreasonable delay. The CEO and CCO will raise the issue with relevant individuals internally and find out more information related to the facts and circumstances in order to address the issues raised in your complaint. The CEO, CCO or their designated representative may ask the client making the complaint for more information, as needed.
If the client has made a complaint to Y TREE and it is not appropriately recognised as a complaint due to a misunderstanding or miscommunication, the client may take further steps to ensure that Y TREE understands that this is a complaint and to treat it as such.

3. Appointment of a complaints case manager

At the point enough information is gathered about the complaint, a complaints case manager (‘CCM’) will be assigned. The CCM will be responsible for overseeing the complaint through to its conclusion, including meeting key deadlines and, ultimately, communications with the client.

4. Complaints swiftly resolved

If Y TREE is able to respond to the complaint within 3 business days after receiving the complaint, the CEO or CCO will contact the client explaining to them the firm’s response to the complaint, whether Y TREE considers the matter resolved, alternative dispute resolution mechanisms that might be available to them and information regarding the Financial Ombudsman Service (‘FOS’), and whether Y TREE is willing to waive the time limits for complaining to the FOS.

5. Holding response

If, for whatever reason, Y TREE is unable to satisfactorily resolve a complaint within 10 business days of it being received, the Company will issue a holding response. The purpose of this holding response is to inform you:

  • why Y TREE cannot provide a final response
  • what Y TREE is doing to progress the complaint
  • when Y TREE will provide an indication of what is happening

6. Final response

As soon as Y TREE has completed its enquiry to the matter, it will write to the complainant and offer a summary outcome, including any remedial action as necessary, including a final offer of redress (if deemed necessary). This will be done within 30 days of the complaint being received. The final response will include all relevant information relating to: (a) Y TREE’s acceptance of the complaint and any accompanying redress or remedial action; (b) non-acceptance by Y TREE, but where it deems redress or remedial action is appropriate; (c) rejection outright of the complaint with no redress or remedial action and specific information relating to the FOS.

7. Complaints forwarding

In the event that Y TREE considers that the complaint should be forwarded to another firm, Y TREE will make the client aware of this fact in its final response and also inform the client to whom the complaint has been forwarded and why.

8. Organisational arrangements

Y TREE will share its complaints handling information with any client upon request and with all clients who are making a complaint. The Compliance function will be responsible for the framework by which complaints are dealt with. It may become involved in or give advice on individual complaints, but it will usually do so in conjunction with 2 other relevant departments including Legal, Advice, Finance, Product, and other functions. The Compliance function will also consider the incidence at a firm-level to identify broader trends, risks, and issues.

Y TREE will keep detailed records of complaints and their resolution. This will be reported to the Management Body periodically to ensure that they are satisfied with the way that complaints are being handled and resolved.

Y TREE Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference Number 967369). Y TREE Limited is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 as a Registered Account Information Service Provider (Firm Reference Number 815261).

Company registered in England and Wales under company number 10186799. Registered office: Acre House, 11/15 William Road, London, NW1 3ER, United Kingdom.

Updated: March 2023