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We combine data, technology and experience to provide a layer of intelligence over our clients’ financial lives.

Our clients access processes until now only available to the world’s leading institutional investors.

Join us at Skadden, 22 Bishopsgate on Wednesday, 13 March at 5pm for an insightful seminar that will change your perspective on the value generated by the wealth management industry and its impact on your lifestyle.

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Join an insightful seminar on the wealth management industry to discover a different view of money and life.

We solve 5 key personal finance problems

1 Lack of control

It’s time consuming to keep your financial affairs up to date and to see the whole picture

2 Opaque reporting

Reports are complex and it’s difficult to compare performance, risks and costs

3 Money not life

The wealth management industry tends to focus on past investment performance not the feasibility of future life ambitions


4 Complex products

Financial products, structures, acronyms and tax rules are difficult to understand

5 Product sales

The industry is principally motivated to sell financial products and is not typically incentivised to provide high-quality impartial advice

The Y TREE solution



Automated data feeds from your financial services providers with independent analysis and insights on performance, risk and costs available 24/7 on the Y TREE App

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Access up-to-date data from all your financial services providers and view your entire financial life in one place.


Compare the performance, risks and costs of your wealth managers and private assets. Understand currency and liquidity exposures.

Data insights

Benchmark your financial position against your peers and access intelligent insights about money and life.



Institutional quality advice powered by our proprietary asset-liability engine for money and life, underpinned by data-driven stress testing and scenario planning

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Life strategy

Define and enable your future aspirations with our proprietary asset-liability engine for money and life.

Strategic advice

Access data-driven advice on risk, currency, liquidity, cost and tax planning from your dedicated team, available 24/7 on our encrypted chat.

Stress testing

Quantify the impact of things you cannot control like changes in equity markets, interest rates, inflation, taxes, liquidity and life events.



Digital monitoring and management of your entire financial life using the processes and investment solutions of the world’s leading institutions

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Product assessment

Access institutional quality investments and services, independently assessed for suitability and benefiting from scale-based cost reductions.

Continuous monitoring

Measure your entire financial profile against strategic targets for your risk level, currency, cash balances, tax efficiency, liquidity and debt.

Digital execution

Benefit from systematic risk rebalancing, investment of surplus cash, utilisation of tax allowances and efficient sources of liquidity.

As with all investing, your capital is at risk.

Benefits for lawyers


Gain control with all the strands of your financial life being updated and visible in one place. Benefit from peace of mind knowing that your family can access and understand your personal finances at any time.


Maintain focus on your work while we implement a financial life strategy to meet your aspirations for life – whether you want to retire, choose another career, maintain your lifestyle, support your family or benefit society.


Access efficiencies only available to leading sovereign, pension and insurance funds. Our processes can add more than 3% extra value a year, compounding to a material impact on your lifestyle and plans for the future.

Our clients

We advise senior partners in the top law firms. We have a clear understanding of their compensation structure, career and lifestyle objectives.